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Samiksha, 36, did her 3 months catering course organized by Animedh Charitable Trust. Samiksha was from a very low income background, had only studied till SSC and lacked any work skills. Her husband Santosh worked for a measly salary of Rs. 9000 per month and they were barely able to make ends meet, let alone provide for their daughter Swara’s education.

Samiksha’s dream was to ensure that her daughter got educated and escaped from the poverty and misery that were the constant companions in her parents’ lives. Her mother-in-law would hurl insults at her for not bearing a male child. She did not care for her grand-daughter, a very timid and malnourished, but ever smiling Swara. Fed up with her situation and also of the ill treatment of herself and her daughter by the mother in law, she decided to stand on her own feet. So, she enrolled into ACT’s Aahaar catering services course, near her home.

Gradually, Samiksha learnt about the market outlay, the costs and margins, the nutritional and hygiene values, marketing and promotion and drew the courage to start her own tiffin services. Her husband was supportive and seeing Samiksha’s early success, decided to chuck his job and join her to help with grocery purchases and tiffin deliveries to nearby offices. Today, Samiksha is a proud owner of a self-made business which earns them enough to have a comfortable lifestyle, send her daughter to school and save for a brighter future. She has taken charge of her destiny and is fulfilling her dream of education and brighter tomorrow for Swara.

Samiksha has fought many challenges but she took charge of her life and turned it around, against all challenges. She was awarded the ACT Super Deeva Award for Vocational Excellence at ACT’s Women’s Day Celebration in March 2018.

Samiksha has taken two powerful messages from her life and success:
“Girls are a blessing. Educate our girls as they can go far ahead in life with the help of education and be of great support to their family and society.”
“No dream is too big, and you can start small but work at fulfilling your dream every single day with determination and confidence, using the skills that you have gained at Animedh.”

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