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Family background: Nilofer is married and she lives with her husband, daughter and mother in law.

Her story: Nilofer, 29, did her basic tailoring course in YWCA before joining ACT’s 3 month advanced tailoring course, Project Saksham, at the vocational training centre generously funded by IDFC First Bank. Her husband's income was not sufficient to meet their household expenses. She wanted to contribute, but she lacked skills to obtain a job.

Nilofer found that she was able to help her husband with household costs even during the ACT course, as she was receiving a stipend and being paid for the stitching work she completed. She found it extremely helpful that the course timings did not clash with school times.

As well as learning all the skills required for the stitching work Nilofer also gained the self-confidence to become a supervisor for the ACT course, earning a salary of 2,500/- a month. She has earned an additional 17,000/- over the last 12 months for stitching Saksham products and has now advanced to working as an artisan for I Was a Sari. Nilofer is very grateful for being given this opportunity. Before doing the course, she was struggling with financial problems, but now she is able to pay rent and other small expenses with her own income.

Nilofer was given full support from her husband and her in-laws were happy to see Nilofer stand on her own feet. Nilofer hopes that she will now be able to give her daughter everything she needs and enable her to fulfill her dreams. Nilofer wants to thank ACT for giving her the opportunity and the confidence to overcome her problems.
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