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Vocational Training in Beautician Skills
ACT offers a free 3 month basic beautician course for underprivileged, uneducated and needy women in several communities across Mumbai to empower them with skills that will allow them to work from home or outside.

Students spend their third month of training applying their learning in practice: ACT provides facilities in a local community centre, a supervisor and all the equipment they need to perfect their skills on friends, relatives and one another!

Alongside their skills training, the women participate in fun and interactive life skills workshops, such as financial management and confidence building, to give them the self-confidence to apply their skills to pursue a full-fledged career from home or a beauty salon.

At the end of the course, graduates receive a Career Launch Kit with all the materials they need to begin earning flexibly from home. ACT also provides links to local salons and beauty academies, to enable graduates to intern and increase their earning capability.

Sponsor women for the vocational beautician course @ Rs. 2,000 per student and enable women like Suvarna to earn livelihood and transform their lives
Or sponsor Career Launch Kits @ Rs. 500 each

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