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Free After-School Tutorship
The Study Buddy project is a unique after-school study support program and is currently being run at three ACT community centers to promote excellence in school education. College students are enrolled to help tutor poor and needy school students, especially in the core and critical subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and Computers. Volunteers teach the beneficiary children after school and use ACT handbooks for teaching English and Basics of Computers.

ACT also conducts special English Language interventions on the weekend in government aided schools like Vidyanidhi High School. These children struggled with English speaking as they grew up in a non-English speaking environment at home. ACT volunteers now tutor 200 students every year from 5th to 8th standards, with teachers reporting their students’ learning outcomes have been enhanced across the entire curriculum.

ACT seeks more volunteers, like Paran, willing to donate their time and knowledge to make a difference to children like Balram & Pooja and Dhanashree

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