Summer is here and as temperatures rise, so does the energy and momentum on projects, courses, transformations and evolutions! We are constantly surprised by the tremendous outcomes that our little efforts enable. We felt if we went a little further, we could accelerate their earning outcomes, making them more self-reliant and confident. This is our endeavour in launching new livelihood earning projects and creating events to showcase the women's talents. Read on:
New Project Launches : After the launch of Project Shivan and Project Sambhav, ACT launched 2 diverse programs:
Project Kalakriti: At the Andheri West ACT community center, 10-12 tailoring student beneficiaries are engaged in creative design and development of articles like shopping bags, totes, mats, rugs, coasters, etc. which can be put up for sale or can be made for bulk corporate orders. Garment manufacturers are partnering ACT in this initiative. The women are encouraged to work in a team and create a self-help group which can become a sustainable working unit in future. ACT set up an incubation center close to their neighborhood that will facilitate their transition from students to entrepreneurs and livelihood earners.
Project Aahaar: This catering service career guidance course was initiated at Andheri East ACT community centre, in collaboration with Ashankur Holy Family Welfare Centre. Under this program, disadvantaged women are trained to cook and prepare meals and supply lunch packs to corporates and individuals in their vicinity. Through this program, the beneficiaries can gain experience about the requirements of a catering enterprise, including setup, sourcing, hygiene standards, accounts, sales, packaging, etc. Post training, the women are required to intern at a catering service which provides them sufficient exposure and condence to set up their own catering service enterprise.
Charity Partner with Mousike at a musical concert at Rangsharada:
ACT was proudly represented by our beneficiary girls and women at the musical event, and we had an opportunity to showcase their work at the venue. Visitors expressed interested and some pledged support by making purchases and donations.
Launch of revamped ACT website and ACT Film:
Our supporters and champions have always provided us feedback and we have taken the suggestions forward to revamp our website and tell our story in a moving picture. Thank you for giving us the support and guidance and we continue to seek your inputs always. We are delighted to share the new look of our revamped website and also our all new ACT film!
Completion Certificates:
Students completed tailoring, fashion design, catering, beautician, computers and English speaking courses at the various community centers and were felicitated for their commitment to transforming themselves and becoming role models for others to follow. Career Launch kits were distributed to give students a head-start in their livelihood earning pursuits.
Summer of 2016:
Student beneficiaries of Study Buddy Program at the Chakala ACT Community Center heaved a sigh of relief when their exams got over. Summer, for them means lots of recreational activities like sports, dance and drama in which kids participate enthusiastically when given a chance. Here's a happy bunch of 'young artists', so lovely in all their innocence!
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