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“All work and no play…” is a common complaint among students as they struggle with learning even as it aids their development, be it in languages, arithmetic, or science. In particular, children who live in orphanages or on the streets tend to not have a joyful environment and lack the fun element in their lives that is key to childhood. They also need to be motivated to strive harder and do better at school. In order to rekindle their interest in school, ACT conducts creative learning workshops to cover the above aspects of development in a fun and interactive manner such that it:
  • arouses the interest of young learners
  • engages them intellectually and emotionally
  • makes learning impactful and memorable
  • fosters team spirit and collaboration
  • instills positive belief and confidence in them

ACT uses creative learning methods like art and animation, dance and drama, story-telling, role-playing and simulation games to motivate the students to do holistic brain thinking. The students are encouraged to learn while having fun. ACT helps give wings to the kids’ imagination. It is a joy to see these children responding excitedly and eager for the next class. They forget their woes and trials for that brief time and are fully engaged in the two hours, which goes on over 8 sessions. The volunteers learn about leadership, empathy, creativity, and community service when preparing and conducting these creative learning sessions.

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